Akello is a Female Ugandan world music and contemporary performer, singer-songwriter who sings in most popular East African languages like Swahili, Luganda, English, Acholi her mother tongue and has performed in over 8 countries in Europe, Africa and the USA.

Married with one biological son, Akello was born to Mr Moses Menya an agriculturalist and Julianna Menya a tailor in Pader on 11th January 1986 in Uganda, 7 hours from Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Akello was born during the infamous 15 year Nothern Uganda war led by Joseph Kony the LRA rebel leader which displaced so many including her family.

Her community of upto 2 million people were affected in various ways:
– 600,000 children became child soldiers
– Mothers lost sons and fathers
– Women lost husbands
– Abled bodied men were abducted

This led to the regressing of her community in terms of Education, Social and Economic status.
Music then became a source of comfort amidst all the turmoil. Against this background Akello birthed her sound to give a voice to the voiceless and comfort the distressed.
Akello seeks to take her message of peace and harmony all over the world appealing to different leaders in different communities through music and education about the effects of dis-harmony in society and the advantages of living in peace.


Akello started singing at a young age in church then later got to sing back up for famous Uganda world music and jazz musicians like Kinobe, Lillian Mbabazi, Suzan Kerunen, Kawesa Richard, Tshila and Micheal Ouma.
Akello’s music is rooted in her culture and is a blend of african folk traditional and western musical elements with very captivating melodies that appeal to local and international audiences. The blending approach helps her craft a unique sound that is relatable by the various audiences, young and old across the world.
In 2012, she went solo and performed as she wowed and engaged di_erent audiences at reknowned and notable festivals in Europe and Africa like; World music festival (BAYIMBA FESTIVAL), Sauti za Busara, Fete De la Musiquie, La ba festival, UNCC, Doa Doa amongst many others.
In 2016 Akello released her 9 track maiden album dubbed AKELLO (BRING FORTH) that was successful in the East African region earning her music rotation on many radio stations. She released her
album at her maiden solo concert that same year at the famous hotel – Pyramids in the middle of Kampala City in Uganda.
Akello – the Album captures the pain, joy, celebrations and hope of displaced communities she represents as a voice of harmony, globally.
She has collaborated with famous Local and international Musicians like Kinobe, Mun G, Micheal Ouma, Singing Wells, Levixone, Play One to name but a few and she is a sought after world music artiste by festival agents in the region and on the international scene.
Akello has worked on di_erent East African projects like Singing Wells whose goal is to record, archive and share the traditional music of East Africa, WEFARM a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform for smallholder farmers, a judge at YOLESA EKITONE – the most popular talent search show






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